Gayle is truly a wonderful doula. She helped me and my family during a particularly stressful time after the birth of my second baby. She is very comforting and a great listener, and she is always ready to offer suggestions and solutions to make my life easier for myself and my family. Her emotional support and understanding was huge for me in my early postpartum months. She has great knowledge in terms of breastfeeding support and Gayle directed me to many incredibly useful postpartum resources that helped me hugely. She thought about things my sleep-deprived-brain hadn't even thought of. Gayle helped steer me through the fog and we are so very grateful for her unwavering love, support and care. I would recommend Gayle in a heartbeat, and my family is lucky to have Gayle in their lives.

I will happily give references.     
Lynne. T.

Gayle was incredible and went way beyond my expectations of a support person. She was nurturing, comforting, and I felt completely comfortable with her care.   
Sonja. K.

The best advice I got as a first-time mother-to-be with a history of clinical depression was to have a post-partum doula to support me during the first months of my motherhood. During my search for a post-partum doula, I was lucky to meet Gayle. Gayle was with us since our baby girl was one week old and became more than a doula for our family. Gayle is an amazing person, an experienced doula, a knowledgeable lactation consultant, and much more. She is so gentle, caring, and respectful of the family. Gayle knows everything about children and was there to share her experience, provide advice, support my spouse and I, and celebrate our successes. Having ongoing and regular support from Gayle during the first months after our baby was born helped me to understand my baby and her needs, identify and address challenges in breastfeeding as soon as they appeared, and take care of myself. When at three weeks old our baby girl was going through cluster feeding, I thought my milk supply was insufficient and everyone else around me told me to switch to artificial milk. I would have stopped breastfeeding if I didn't have Gayle with me to explain that what I was going through was the norm and to provide suggestions. Gayle was always vigilant of my physical and mental well-being and would always point out the moments when I needed to take a break. I am confident, if it wasn’t for Gayle I wouldn’t be able to manage the challenges of the first months post-partum and actually enjoy this time.