Lactation Educator (CAPPA)

Breastfeeding doesn't always happen naturally and there is often a huge learning curve involved. I understand the importance of gaining the knowledge and confidence for establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship and therefore I am available to discuss your breastfeeding goals and aspirations. As a lactation educator I provide one on one education, support, and counselling. I am available to offer support before the arrival of your baby and shortly after the birth of your baby at the hospital or in the comfort of your own home. My breastfeeding support package includes:


Prenatal consult:

  • 60 minute prenatal class that will cover breastfeeding education, skin to skin, frequency and input and output, latch, potential challenges you may encounter, and what to expect the first days and weeks.  I will also help with setting up a feeding 'nest'


 Postpartum consult:​

  • Observation of at least one breastfeeding session, to a maximum of 3 hours in person support

  • Time to discuss concerns and create strategies to address them

  • Education and resources on breastfeeding

  • Text, email, phone support for one month post visit

  • Follow up in person at a reduced rate


Hourly consults available:

Has your baby arrived ? Are you experiencing challenges and have questions and concerns? I can come to you in the comfort of your home. This consult will include my observing a feed when your baby is ready to nurse and addressing any issues and developing a plan. 

Upcoming Classes


This class is suitable for expecting parents who are interested in learning about breastfeeding before their newborn arrives. In this class, we will cover the basics of breastfeeding to help give you a head start on breastfeeding success.

When: Wednesday June 26th, 2019
Time: 1100 a.m. to 1330 p.m.
Where: Signal Hill Library, Conference room
Cost: Free

RSVP by Jun 24th, 2019 to:


Limited space available so please register early.